19 June 2011

5 Minutes Can Mean So Much to So Many

I'm still working on that Nietzsche post while mulling over other topics I want to write about. Until I'm ready to do that (in other words, until I muscle my way through my title as "Procrastination Queen"), I thought I would share a few ways to help out some very worthy causes. And it takes less than 5 minutes each day to visit every single page and click to support their causes.

  • - click to support breast cancer awareness, ending violence toward women, literacy, and more; also offers free eCards for any occasion.
  • - This one is actually fun. Answer the world's easiest vocabulary questions and for each correct answer, they will donate 10 grains of rice to feed the world's hungry. If you want to stick with the 5 minute plan, simply choose to answer only 10 or 20 questions per day.
  • - As the name suggests, this site helps to feed hungry cats and dogs. There is a new trivia question for both dogs and cats every day. They will donate on your behalf whether you get the correct answer or not.
  • - Basically the same as You can click on the buttons for causes such as Autism Awareness, Child Health, the Rainforest, and more.
  • - Got old electronics gathering dust around the house or stuffed inside the junk drawer? This site will give you points for recycling those items through their program. They even foot the bill for shipping.
  • - These folks support a vast array of causes. Simply pick the one (or more) closest to your heart to get started.
  • - The Foundation for a Better Life offers uplifting quotes, motivational posters, eCards, and lots more.
  • - Find all kinds of ideas on practicing random acts of kindness, as well as personal stories submitted by readers, and resources for educators who want to incorporate these ideas into their lesson plans.

It really is amazing how much the click of a mouse can do.